Strong Towers

"We, though many, form one."

At Strong Towers, we aspire to one simple vision: Build up. Become strong.


We aspire to lives transformed over members added to the club. We seek the wisdom of others, the strength of community, and the ancient paths that promise what we desire. 

Meaning. Purpose. Strength. Redemption. 

These are the things we ache for as men, and these are the things we'll sacrifice anything to chase.


There is no formulaic process, but there is a journey.  We invite you to join us as we join with God in the process of becoming. 

Meet The Team

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Mike Lara

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Husband and father, SoCal kid turned East coast professional, Army veteran, aficionado of all things techie -- both old-school and new, woodworker, sports fanatic, and laser-focused on becoming the best father, husband, and man I can be.

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Tom Edwards

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Husband, father, writer, dreamer.  Fighting the good fight and chasing after the Lord with those who stand beside me.

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Jon Ackerman

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Husband and high school teacher, writer and speaker, aspiring hunter and outdoorsman, voracious reader, runner, and motorcycle enthusiast (when it's running). Learning to become the man that God has called me to be.