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Strong Towers

"We, though many, form one."

At Strong Towers, we aspire to one simple vision: Build up. Become strong.


We aspire to lives transformed over members added to the club. We seek the wisdom of others, the strength of community, and the ancient paths that promise what we desire. 

Meaning. Purpose. Strength. Redemption. 

These are the things we ache for as men, and these are the things we'll sacrifice anything to chase.


There is no formulaic process, but there is a journey.  We invite you to join us as we join with God in the process of becoming. 

Our Vision

Strong Towers aims to honor the ancient paths toward a deep relationship with God and to inspire men to become truer versions of themselves. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and equip men with the knowledge and skills we have obtained from our Creator and the other mentors, leaders, and coaches we have encountered to become better husbands, fathers, and friends.

Our Core Beliefs

To be successful in our mission, we must uphold the following beliefs and values in everything we do.



We define faith as our complete trust in God, both in who He is and where He is leading us.  We attempt to love God as whole-heartedly as possible and to become more whole-hearted in the process.  We desire to be surrendered to God in every aspect of our lives, knowing that through surrender, He will transform us into the truest version of ourselves. Therefore, we seek to not only increase our knowledge of God but also increase our experience with God. 



Adventure takes us into the unknown, and it’s in the unknown that we discover what we truly believe about ourselves, our God, and the world around us.  It is the fuel that feeds and matures the inner boy. It takes us beyond our comforts, our expectations, and our understanding.  Adventure challenges us to tackle the impossible, engage in the wild, push forward in all that we don’t know well but desire to learn more. It is in that place that we most readily discover our need for something greater than ourselves.  Indeed, it’s here we often discover the deeper truths of who we are and who we are called to be.



We were never meant to walk alone.  The strongest man is the one who is able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder alongside like-hearted men and women.  One who relies on the power of Family, Friends, and Community rather than the power of self-sufficiency.  We all have something to offer.  We all need to be seen and known and sharpened by those that understand where we’ve come from and who we’re becoming.


We have all been called to be someone great, and it is our greatest adventure to find this truth. Imagine a version of you where creativity and productivity are no longer tied to validation.  Imagine your strength and courage separated from insecurity and doubt.  Picture yourself capable of radical generosity and compassion without ever fearing weakness or craving notoriety. There is a version of you that God intended when He spoke you into existence. Envision being redefined and unleashed by the restoration of all that has been instead of by your failures, betrayals, and wounds. That is the truth of who you are.  That is who you are on the journey of becoming.



You are made for a purpose.  You are made to create, to bring order, and to help others flourish around you. There are lives that only you can touch.  Work that your hands are specifically shaped to complete. A deep need in the world that you are uniquely positioned and equipped to fill.  Your purpose is inextricably connected to the lives of others.  Your purpose will call you out into places beyond your understanding.  Your purpose will uncover the deepest and best parts of who you were created to be.  Your purpose will bring you face to face with the One who called you to it.  That is what you are made for.  

Meet The Team

Mike - bio.jpg

Mike Lara

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Husband and father, SoCal kid turned East coast professional, Army veteran, aficionado of all things techie -- both old-school and new, woodworker, sports fanatic, and laser-focused on becoming the best father, husband, and man I can be.

Tom - bio.jpg

Tom Edwards

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Husband, father, writer, dreamer.  Fighting the good fight and chasing after the Lord with those who stand beside me.

Jon - bio.jpg

Jon Ackerman

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Husband and teacher, writer and speaker, aspiring hunter and outdoorsman, voracious reader, runner, and tractor rider (when it's running). Learning to become the man that God has called me to be.

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