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Let It Breathe

Dream big...

And then let the dream start breathing.

If you've never seen it, we strongly encourage you to check out the most recent adaptation of "the Secret Life of Walter Mitty". It hits on so many elements that we, at Strong Towers, are passionate about...not the least of which is transitioning our dreams from mental flights of fancy to solid, grippable reality. Dreams that go from mental escapism to physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually challenging and testing our limits.

It's also a beautiful commentary on pursuing the beauty in our lives (both in nature and in the woman who has captured our heart) and overcoming our inclinations toward passivity or over-dominance...but more on that later.

For now, it's the intense illustration of allowing our deeply buried desires to invite us into places of true joy and adventure that we want to focus on.

Check out the film in the next couple days and then check back as we share the segments that have really spoken to us.

Let the dreams come...

...and then let them begin to breathe.

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