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Where Am I?

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Where am I?

Sound familiar?

All to often, the answer feels like, "Not where I thought I'd be and not happy about it."

I'm looking for my circumstances to change and so I'm putting off other things...often good things, things that would be fulfilling or beneficial or just plain fun...until they do.

The Old Testament prophet Jeremiah knows a thing or two about "not where I thought I'd be and not happy about it."

Here's my takeaway this morning...

God says, "I'm going to ask you to follow Me right where you are for a little bit. Begin focusing on Me, not your circumstances."

"Do the things that are good and healthy right where you are...including working for the benefit of the place you currently find yourself no matter how little you think they deserve your best effort."

"I promise you that I'll take care of you. I promise you that I have good things in store for you."

"You DO NOT have to earn them, but you DO need to trust Me where you are instead of waiting to trust Me, believe in Me, or thank Me only after your circumstances have changed."

God, help me see where You are right now. How can I stay present AND look to the future with hope? What do You want me to do today...right where I am?

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